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The WS 98 is a sampler of uncompromising WaterSam quality and performance designed to be a compact and economical unit for simpler sampling applications.
It can also be very well equipped with a variety of available options if desired.

The WS 98 can be either mounted on an existing wall or on an optional support frame and XY Distributor which enables a large variety of sample bottle combinations. Just as with the largest WaterSam samplers, as many as 48 1-litre bottles can be accommodated.

Although designed for indoor applications, the WS 98 is standard-equipped with a high-grade stainless steel housing (AISI 316Ti) and IP65 protection for the controller and technical compartment, making it suitable for a variety of challenging environments.

The vacuum sampling system in the WS 98 ensures maximum accuracy and can draw samples from depths of up to 7 metres, or up to 30 metres with optional equipment.  Several optional sampling systems designed for specific applications are available, and can even be operated in pairs to create a double sampler.

If an inexpensive solution for composite sample refrigeration is needed, the WS 98 can be combined with a common household refrigerator.

The WS 98 can also be used to retrofit an old or defective sampler cabinet from another manufacturer by utilizing the WS 98 as a replacement controller and sampling system.

The WS 98 provides you with a compact, flexible and high-value sampler with capabilities which can be expanded at any time in the future.


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